mi-bike Loan Protection Insurance

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A change in your health or loss of your income can leave you struggling to make your loan repayments.
mi-bike Loan Protection Insurance* can assist you at your moment of need. We offer different combinations of cover so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Policy Benefits
• Disablement and Hospitalisation benefits – helps with your monthly loan repayment if you’re unable to work or hospitalised due to illness or injury.
• CashAssist benefit** – pays the outstanding balance of your loan up to $50,000 if you suffer a heart attack, stroke or cancer or have coronary artery surgery.
• Death benefit – pays the outstanding balance of your loan up to $50,000 per loan or $100,000 in total in the event of your death.
• Involuntary Unemployment benefit*** – helps pay your loan repayment if you lose your job.
• Total benefit – up to $100,000 in total for all policy benefits.
• Joint cover is available at a discounted rate for your partner.

For full terms and conditions simply download the disclosure statement below. mi-bike Loan Protection Insurance SPDS - This is to be read in conjunction with your current PDS


** CashAssist (trauma) benefit cover may only be purchased when a another benefit
is purchased and can only be chosen at commencement of cover.
*** Involuntary unemployment benefit cover may only be purchased with Disablement cover.