mi-bike GAP Cover

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A simple one-off premium protects you for the duration of your loan. 

mi-bike Gap Cover* Insurance helps protect you from suffering significant financial loss.
If your new motorcycle is stolen or damaged beyond repair, there may be a “gap” between the loss payout made by your insurer and what you still owe the financier. You may also incur “Out of Pocket” expenses whilst trying to find another motorcycle. mi-bike Gap Cover Insurance provides cover for this financial “gap” and from suffering financial loss and inconvenience.

You have three coverage choices:
• Option 1: $10,000 Gap Cover $2,500 Extras Cover.
• Option 2: $7,500 Gap Cover $1,500 Extras Cover.
• Option 3: $5,000 Gap Cover $1,000 Extras Cover.

Policy Benefits
• No excess on claims.
• One off premium payment for the duration of your loan contract up to 5 years.

For full terms and conditions simply download the disclosure statement below or CLICK HERE for GAP policies purchased or renewed effective up to 31 October 2017.

mi-bike Gap Cover Insurance SPDS - This is to be read in conjunction with your current PDS.